OpenAstexViewer - an open structural biology viewer

As posted by Noel and Rich was the Java-based AstexViewer just got LGPLed and voila! Here it is, the OpenAstexViewer for structure-based drug design.

I personally was especially interested in the electron density functionality and how easy it would be creating a view on an enzymatically active-site.

As example I used Lisinopril an ACE (Angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitor. This class is seen as one of the success stories of rational drug design, based on the structural biology of carboxypeptidase A and medicinal chemistry.
My first thought was using Captopril, the initial drug for this class, but I could not find an electron density map and had to pick another example. Since the PDB structure (2C6N) of Lisinopril has a deposited electron density map this was now used.

After downloading the program and loading the structure and the map, I needed only a few mouse-clicks for selecting the ligand and creating a view on active site surface. Here is the result.
The drug is shown in the active site as sticks using atom coloring with having the zinc ion on the left in gray. The active site surface shows the lipophilicity of the protein residues. In orange we see the electron density map, which indicates a reasonable binding mode of this ligand.

Finally, but a little off-topic, I was also curious, if LASSO on ChemSpider identifies this molecule as an ACE inhibitor? In short, yes this target class gets one of the highest scores. Nice, having some viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy tools around for collecting quickly drug information.

After all of this I must say that the OpenAstexViewer is a very elegant, easy to use tool, which is extremely powerful. Has anyone tried already the scripting abilities ?


  • M. Adam, Integrating research and development: the emergence of rational drug design in the pharmaceutical industry, Stud Hist Philos Biol Biomed Sci, 2005, 36, 513-37. PDF.
    PMID: 16137601
  • H.R. Corradi, S.L. Schwager, A.T. Nchinda, E.D. Sturrock, K.R. Acharya, Crystal structure of the N domain of human somatic angiotensin I-converting enzyme provides a structural basis for domain-specific inhibitor design, J Mol Biol, 2006, 357, 964-974. PMID: 16476442

A cialis a day keeps the uncertainty away

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Talking With Your Healthcare Provider About Sexual Difficulties
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Talking With Your Healthcare Provider About Sexual Difficulties

Women who have had success with treatment for sexual health problems have spoken about the inner resolve they needed to seek professional help. None of us found it easy to take this step. Each of us felt very much alone, although this was not the case. As many as 43% of American women have experienced sexual difficulties, according to a survey published in the 1999 Journal of the American Medical Association.

Although women's sexuality and health has been studied for many decades, the scientific study of women's sexual health in the field called sexual medicine is only about 5 years old. Since medical schools are just beginning to consider including sexual medicine in their coursework, your physician may or may not be aware of the latest research or even how to effectively evaluate your sexual health difficulty.

Women can increase the chances of getting the best possible care by being aware of their own sexual health and available treatment options. It is for this reason that we have come up with the following recommendations, based on the shared experiences of many women.

Step One: Find an understanding and knowledgeable healthcare provider

Some women prefer female doctors or nurse practitioners, but the important issue is finding a provider who has the expertise to help you.

While your primary care physician or gynecologist may be able to treat some sexual health problems, your provider may refer you to a sexual medicine specialist or to a sex therapist certified by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). You may ask for a referral or get a recommendation for a specialist from another woman who is being treated for a similar condition. You may find a provider in your area who is a member of a professional society affiliated with sexual health (International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health at, or AASECT at )

Step Two: Prior to the first office visit

While a conversation between a woman and her provider is a good place to start, there are advantages to preparing for this by getting as much information as possible about the new and current options for treatment that are related to your concerns. You can do this by:

  • Talking with trusted friends

  • Looking in the women's health section at your local bookstore

  • Reading credible magazine articles about women with similar symptoms

  • Searching the Internet for legitimate information sites

  • Checking information in medical journals by doing a PubMed™ search (directions at

Although an annual exam should involve a discussion about your sexual health, there may not be sufficient time to fully address your concerns. In this case, you may want to schedule a specific appointment. Writing down the details of your sexual difficulty will give you a clearer picture and prepare you to give concise answers to the questions you will be asked, such as when your difficulties first occurred or whether this is a recent or a long-standing problem. Also, was there a particular event associated with this difficulty, such as the start of a medication, childbirth, a physical injury, pelvic surgery, or emotional stress?

Looking at the brochure, "Are You a Woman Experiencing Female Sexual Difficulties?" (at may help you find the words and definitions needed to explain your situation to your provider. You can also find a diagram showing female anatomy at under "Resources" that you can print out and take with you to your visit.

Also, if you have informed your partner of your sexual difficulties, let him/her know that you are requesting help. In some cases the treatment may involve your partner, and hopefully, he or she will be a part of your support team.

Not having a partner does not mean that your sexual concerns should not be addressed. Sexual health problems may occur whether or not a person is in a relationship. Although going through treatment may be more difficult without a partner, many women do not let that stop them. Create a support network with a close friend, family member, or psychotherapist.

Step Three: You have the name of a provider you are considering seeing

Call the office to request written information about the first visit, or ask the office nurse about the procedures that will be involved and how long the office visit will last.

Step Four: The office visit

Remember to bring your written notes, including any questions, and a list of any medications you are taking, both prescription and over-thecounter. You may also want to write down instructions given to you by your provider.

Most women agree it is tough to talk about sexual difficulties. A provider's response can make the initial conversation easier or more difficult. One suggestion we like is to bring along an article about your problem or reference an educational brochure on this topic from; this may be a way to start the conversation.

Some providers may refer a patient to a psychologist or medical doctor for an evaluation. Centers that treat sexual health problems generally have patients undergo a psychological as well as a physical assessment during the first visit, since a multi-disciplinary approach to sexual health difficulties is preferred.

Step Five: Treatment plan

After your assessment, your provider will put together a treatment plan for you. Consider asking the following:

  • If a medication is being prescribed, ask why, what are the side effects, and how long until it takes effect? If this medication does not work, are there others that might be recommended?

  • If talk therapy is recommended, ask how many sessions may be needed.

  • If a procedure/surgery is being recommended, ask why, and what are the risks and benefits? Are there alternatives? How long will it take to see results? What is the success rate? Ask if you may speak with several patients who have had this procedure or surgery done at least a year ago. A second opinion is recommended from a physician in another city or one who is not connected in any way to your physician.

Step Six: After your visit

If the treatment or medication is not having the result you expected, then contact your provider. Quick fixes are not the standard for many sexual health problems. Sometimes women have found that their plan of care needed to be adjusted. Be patient and work closely with your provider.

If you have been referred for treatment, your gynecologist or primary care physician should be kept informed of your progress; you may want to check periodically to see that this is happening.

Keep a diary of your progress and review it before return visits to refresh your memory on the progress that is being made or concerns you may be having.

If you feel that your provider is not taking your concerns seriously or you sense that he/she does not have the expertise needed to help you, ask for a referral to a provider who specializes in female sexual health. Help is available.

How herpes virus affects breeding stock
HV-3 strain has no long-term effects, but precautions must be taken to prevent secondary infectionIn recent weeks, at least six cases of equine genital herpes have been reported at no fewer than three Kentucky farms, and the outbreak has prompted concerns over the diseases short-term and long-term effects on stallions and broodmares. The good news is that, unlike human genital herpes, the equine version is not a lifelong condition. It does, however, require immediate attention to prevent its spread and secondary infections.

Equine genital herpesvirus is a sexually transmitted disease that can be identified by the appearance of lesions on the shaft of the stallions online pharmacy. In the mare, it is commonly observed as a vaginal discharge. The disease is contracted by direct genital contact with an infected animal or contaminated breeding equipment.

Because it is a virus and not a bacteria, the disease is not detectable through a culture, so even a mare who comes to the breeding shed bearing a health certificate and clean culture may be carrying the virus.

Coital exanthema, its veterinary name, is classified as equine herpesvirus-3 (EHV-3). Unlike other strains of equine herpesvirus, genital herpes does not cause abortion or produce respiratory or neurological problems. Incubation period for the virus is five to seven days, with symptoms appearing about a week after exposure.

Small blisters first appear on the penis, which generally go unnoticed. The blisters progress to lesions, which then erode as sores, much like human cold sores, with a diameter of 2 millimeters (mm) to 3 mm. The lesions rapidly advance to ulcers or pustules between 5 mm to 10 mm in diameter, which are painful to the touch.

Contagious period

The stallion is contagious during the period of time when the lesions are visible, and the disease cannot be transmitted after the ulcers heal. In mares, lesions are obscure, and the vaginal discharge they produce is often presumed to be caused by a bacteria or fungus. When a culture comes back negative, the discharge is usually dismissed as inconsequential. This is typically the point when transmission occurs, with the mare sent to the breeding shed presumed to be clean.

As the virus progresses, the horses immune system develops a resistance to the disease, and symptoms begin to dissipate.

From the first exposure, the disease should fully run its course in two-to-three-weeks. However, secondary bacterial infections in the stallion can produce mucopurulent exudate (running sores) from the lesions, which complicates treatment and prolongs recovery time.

Veterinarians recommend application of a topical antibiotic to the emerging sores to prevent secondary bacterial infections in the stallion from setting in, but, because the disease is self-limiting and a virus, no other treatment is generally prescribed. Once called horse pox or spots, genital herpes leaves the stallion with telltale, unpigmented spots where the lesions occurred.

Laboratory testing is available to confirm the diagnosis of EHV-3 through cytological smears of affected skin cells of the penis but, because the virus is short-lived and inconsequential, the time and expense involved in testing is rarely warranted.

EHV-3 is different from human genital herpesvirus in that, once it runs its course, it leaves no lasting effects, nor is it a disease that infects the animal for life. Other than suspending the horses breeding activity during the period of contagion, the condition is little more than an inconvenience.

Nevertheless, barring a popular stallion from the breeding shed even for ten days at the height of the breeding season may have a considerable economic impact on the stallion station as well as the broodmare owner, who either has to short-cycle his mares estrus or wait another month to breed.

Equine genital herpesvirus is not a reportable disease, which means that veterinarians diagnosing the disease are not required by law to report it to the United States Department of Agriculture. For this reason, it is difficult to estimate how many cases of EHV-3 actually occur. News of the recent central Kentucky outbreak spread by word of mouth.

Typically, mares are only booked to one stallion per breeding season. It is conceivable that one infected stallion could have passed the virus on to numerous mares, but the question remains how it was spread among six stallions.

A different virus

Rhinopneumonitis, another form of equine herpesvirus classified as EHV-1 and EHV-4, can be deadly for the unborn foal. Rhinopneumonitis is a disease of the upper respiratory tract in young and adult horses that is characterized by a nasal discharge, fever, and coughing.

The virus tends to run its course the same as a human cold and, unless complications arise, is not cause for alarm. However, if a pregnant mare is exposed to the disease after her fifth month of gestation, rhino will attack the placenta at the point where it attaches to the mares uterus. Spontaneous abortion results when the placenta finally dislodges from the uterus, causing fetal death.

Abortion may occur months after exposure, with no symptoms present in the mare. Numerous vaccines have been developed to guard against EHV-1 and EHV-4, and are recommended for the fifth, seventh, and ninth months of gestation. Foals should be vaccinated every two months beginning at 16 weeks of age.

In adult horses, EHV-1 sometimes affects the nervous system producing incoordination, paralysis, and incontinence. Researchers theorize that the immune system in certain horses may overreact to the virus and congest the blood vessels nourishing the nerves to the hindquarters. Serious complications may develop from the horses inability to stand.

Erectile dysfunction and the physiology of erection
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Impotence or erectile cheap viagra is reported in CPPS, but information on prevalence is highly variable, although rates are higher than in controls, especially in young CPPS sufferers. It is most likely caused by underlying testosterone deficiency, diabetes and obesity and/or stress/fear induced reactions. See discussion on testosterone, nocturia and sleep for causes of testosterone deficiency in CPPS.

Erection is a complex "neurovascular" event "modulated by psychological and hormonal factors" leading to increased blood flow into and decreased flow out of the penis (so called tumescence). Murine (rats and mice) studies indicate that selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C insufficiency may be involved.(1)

Andra bloggar om CPPS, kroniskt bäckenbottensmärtsyndrom, erektion
(1) Priviero FBM, Leite R, Webb RC, Teixeira CE. Neurphysiological basis of penile erection. Acta Pharmacol Sin 28(6):751-755, 2007 (this is a concise review).

ED Cream 'Vitaros' Approved in Israel & Palestine
There is good news for the men in Israel and Palestine territories. A new pharmaceutical treatment “Vitaros” will be made available over here by Apricus Biosciences. This erectile cheap cialis cream will be marketed by Neopharm group. Apricus will be paid a huge amount of $4.35 million by the Neopharm group that would also include royalties.

It has been clearly stated that though it is treatment for erectile Dysfunction and is very different from the other drugs. It is not an oral medication and can be applied directly to the penis and will be absorbed quickly. Alprostadil is the name of the chief chemical in Vitaros unlike the other drugs. This chemical is said to work promptly and show quicker results than the rest.

In Israel, the application will be filed by 2011 while it will seek the Palestine areas later. It has been noticed that the sales have risen since the deal has been announced.

It was turned down in 2008 by the food and the Drug Administration in USA as they noticed that the mice who consumed the dug were suffering from Cancer. It has been seen that this is the third licensing agreement deal that it has signed since last December. As of now, this deal caters to 14 countries which is truly laudable.

David Fuhrer, chairman of the Neopharm Group is really confident that the sales would rise further in the coming years.

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Un médicament populaire contre l’impuissance – Cialis Tadalafil
Cialis Tadalafil est une pilule très populaire pour traiter le dysfonctionnement érectile chez les hommes. Fabriqué par Lilly ICOS LLC, cialis Tadalafil a reçu l'approbation de la FDA au cours de l’année 2003. Bien que Cialis soit l’un des 3 médicaments le dysfonctionnement érectile approuvés par la FDA (les 2 autres étant Viagra et Levitra), il a connu un succès populaire dès qu'il a été lancé. Cialis a en effet permis une plus grande spontanéité dans l'amour. Là où les autres médicaments de l’impuissance comme le Viagra et Levitra restent actifs dans l’organisme pendant 4 heures, Cialis Tadalafil reste, lui, efficace pendant 36 heures. La durée ainsi que la rapidité d’action de Cialis Tadalafil explique sa popularité. C’est pour ces raisons que Cialis est aussi connu sous le nom de «La pilule Week-end».

Les autres raisons de la popularité de Cialis Tadalafil

Cialis ne prend que 30 minutes pour être actif dans l’organisme, alors que le Viagra et Levitra prennent environ 60 minutes. Il est donc préféré chez les hommes qui veulent avoir des rapports sexuels satisfaisants plus rapidement. En plus Cialis offre beaucoup plus de facilité aux hommes souffrant de l'impuissance. Quant au Viagra et Levitra, ils posent des restrictions sur la nutrition et ne permettent pas la consommation d'alcool. Avec sa durée d’action de 36 heures, Cialis vous permet d’entrer dans l’acte sexuel de façon spontanée, c'est-à-dire vous n’avez plus besoin de planifier l’acte sexuel.

Cialis Tadalafil appartient à la même classe de médicaments que Viagra et Levitra et donc les trois médicaments fonctionnent de la même manière. En réponse à une stimulation sexuelle, Cialis permet aux vaisseaux sanguins du pénis de se dilater. Cela permet d’améliorer le flux sanguin vers le pénis. Par conséquent, votre pénis se remplit de sang et vous obtenez une érection plus ferme et prolongée qui est suffisante pour avoir un rapport sexuel satisfaisant. À la suite de l'activité sexuelle, l'érection s'en va et le pénis reprend son état normal.

Comme Cialis Tadalafil est un médicament sur ordonnance, vous ne devez l'acheter qu’après avoir consulter le médecin. De nos jours, vous pouvez également acheter Cialis en ligne. Un grand nombre de cliniques en ligne vous offrent la possibilité d'acheter Cialis en ligne. Cependant, il est très important de vérifier le sérieux et la sécurité du site avant de commander.


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